Mindfulness for the Body, Feelings, Emotions, and Thinking Patterns

Mindfulness practices are well-researched as helping to decrease stress and anxiety, and to increase immune functioning, relationship satisfaction, and an overall sense of well-being. They are also a resource for spirituality. This class will provide skill-building practices for mindfulness - so that you can personally grow in ways that empower you to engage everyday life with more energy, grace, and peace.

Self-Study Course

Take it at your own pace, wherever you are!

  • In Depth Study

    Biblically grounded and culturally relevant; guided by an expert professor

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Intellectual and Spiritual Humility Institute (ISHI) Director

Dr. Rebecca Letterman

Having earned a BA in English from Roberts Wesleyan University, an MA in Linguistics from Syracuse University, a PhD in Linguistics from Cornell, and an MDiv from Northeastern Seminary, Dr. Letterman specializes in the developmental power of language, purpose, and embodied habits as factors of human connection and collaborative problem-solving. Dr. Letterman supports individuals and teams in learning skills of listening and clear expression of values - skills that help people discover challenging contexts as invitations to significant human connection as well as personal and leadership development.