Mindfulness for the Body, Feelings, Emotions, and Thinking Patterns

Mindfulness practices are well-researched as helping to decrease stress and anxiety, and to increase immune functioning, relationship satisfaction, and an overall sense of well-being. They are also a resource for spirituality. This class will provide skill-building practices for mindfulness - so that you can personally grow in ways that empower you to engage everyday life with more energy, grace, and peace.

Self-Study Course

Take it at your own pace, wherever you are!

  • In Depth Study

    Biblically grounded and culturally relevant; guided by an expert professor

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Intellectual and Spiritual Humility Institute (ISHI) Director

Dr. Rebecca Letterman

Having earned a BA in English from Roberts Wesleyan University, an MA in Linguistics from Syracuse University, a PhD in Linguistics from Cornell, and an MDiv from Northeastern Seminary, Dr. Letterman specializes in the developmental power of language, purpose, and embodied habits (such as mindfulness and other self-awareness developmental practices) as factors of human connection and collaborative problem-solving. Dr. Letterman strives to help individuals and organizations discover the link between theory and practice. She facilitates workshops designed to help individuals and teams better understand such pragmatic topics as: personal engagement and conflict styles; power and inclusion dynamics; mindfulness for change; and whole-person health and development trajectories. She supports individuals and teams in learning skills of listening and clear expression of values - skills that help people discover challenging contexts as invitations to significant human connection as well as personal and leadership development.