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Work Smarter with the Enneagram

Join us this January to expand your understanding of the Enneagram as we apply what you have learned to the workplace. Learn how to communicate effectively with others who are not your type. Form more productive teams and partnerships by understanding how the different types tend to interact with each other. Unlock your unique leadership style and learn how to lead others with better results utilizing Enneagram wisdom. 

Here's what our students say about this course!

Dr. Starr Was Fabulous

Dr. Starr was fabulous in her videos and on the zoom. She was informative, inclusive, and provided time for group interaction on the large zoom. The small groups were also excellent. It was nice to interact with different people each week instead of the same group all three sessions.

My Favorite Parts

There were several favorites: the detailed information in the lessons, the small group discussions on the zoom call, the availability of course materials, and the amazingly thoughtful teacher (Carrie)!

Getting Detailed

Have loved getting into the specifics of each type in the workplace and breaking it down into strengths, areas for growth and how to better get along with each type

What I Loved

Learning the Nine types at work, Strengths, Challenges, and Tips to improve my relationship with each type.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand each person's unique needs according to their Enneagram number so you can lead and serve more effectively

  • Work more productively with diverse teams, learning how to better collaborate with people who think and work differently than you

  • Understand the foundational building blocks of the Enneagram system through the Know Your Number course (it's included free with this course!)

  • Develop buy in and organizational cohesion from a variety of personalities and backgrounds

  • In-Depth Study

    Biblically grounded and culturally relevant; guided by an award-winning professor.

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  • Free Access!

    You are given free access to the course "Know Your Number" as part of this class.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the Enneagram at Work!

    • How to Use Thinkific

  2. 2
    • Intro

    • Watch: Lesson One with Dr. Carrie Starr

    • Read: Colossians

    • Enneagram Article and Type Chart

    • Watch: Improving Work with the Enneagram in Nashville

    • Listen: The Enneagram in Business

    • Bonus: Book Recommendation

    • Watch: Zoom Lesson 1

    • Next Lesson

  3. 3
    • Intro

    • Watch : Lesson 2 Overview

    • Watch : Type 1 at Work

    • Watch: Type 2 at Work

    • Watch : Type 3 at Work

    • Watch : Type 4 at Work

    • Watch: Type 5 at Work

    • Watch: Type 6 at Work

    • Watch: Type 7 at Work

    • Watch: Type 8 at Work

    • Watch: Type 9 at Work

    • Watch: Closing Thoughts

    • Read: Colossians

    • Tool: Corporate Consciousness

    • Watch: Enneagram Types Working from Home

    • Watch : Zoom Recording - Week 2

    • Next Lesson

    • Bonus: Book Recommendation

  4. 4
    • Intro

    • Watch: Intro

    • Watch: Type 1

    • Watch: Type 2

    • Watch: Type 3

    • Watch: Type 4

    • Watch: Type 5

    • Watch: Type 6

    • Watch: Type 7

    • Watch: Type 8

    • Watch: Type 9

    • Watch: Conclusion

    • Read: Philippians

    • Listen: The Enneagram and Your Career Path

    • Read: Going Beyond the 9 Types

    • Course Survey

    • Bonus: Devotional

    • Watch : Zoom Recording - Week 3

    • Enneagram Certificate

    • Course Review

Meet Your Instructor

Executive Director, Community Institutes

Dr. Carrie Starr

Dr. Carrie Starr is the Executive Director of the Community Institutes at Roberts Wesleyan University and Northeastern Seminary. She has been a professor since 2005 and has been studying & teaching on the Enneagram since 2014. She is a published author, speaker, and blogger at Her areas of special interest include women in leadership, building healthy teams, and innovative community development. Dr. Starr is a 2021 winner of the Rochester Business Journal's Women of Excellence Award and she has been inducted into the Enactus National Hall of Fame.

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