You can find Financial Freedom!

In just three classes, align your goals and money decisions

Spend three weeks getting a handle on your money/finances.  Find financial freedom and go from debt to investing to  align your values and money decisions.  You will receive practical advice on how to start making different decisions regarding spending and eliminating debt and how to invest and plan for your future goals.  You will meet two experienced money coaches and hear their advice and guidance.  This course is a safe place to learn what you don't know and ask those questions you always wanted to ask about your personal finances. 

Find financial freedom and start working toward your goals!

What Will I Learn?

  • Determine your long-term financial goals

  • Establishing an emergency fund

  • How to built wealth after you have eliminated debt

  • Following a Zero Based Budget

  • Savings: 3-6 months of savings / saving for big items

  • How to align your funds with long-term goals

Self Study Course

Take it at your own pace!

Meet Your Instructors


Dr. Erv Starr

An entrepreneur, he was a founder of Laflammes Inc. (furniture retailer), owned a real estate holding company, and opened the Snap Fitness franchise in Robert's home community. He has experience in launching ministries and businesses, as well as supervising programs and people. He coaches and consults with business owners, ministry leaders, and community developers.


Jonathan Sigmon

Jonathan Sigmon is a certified financial coach with a passion to help people achieve their financial goals. The focus is less on spreadsheets and more about you, your story, and how to help align your vision for your life with your spending. Jonathan offers 1:1 coaching or group sessions, as well as free resources at

Have Questions?

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