Learn how to create great online content to grow your business!

Earn your Hubspot Digital Marketing Certificate over three courses

Creating content seems like it should be easy, but it’s actually organized chaos! You have to be able to be flexible and react/ adapt to trends, but you also need a framework and a plan so you have evergreen content throughout the year. It can feel exhausting trying to come up with ideas for blogs, social media posts, or videos on the fly. If you don’t plan ahead, you fall into the trap of urgent but not important. But who has time to actually plan ahead if you’re running a business? 

This course will give you a planning framework, help you audit your existing content, and plan future content. (And when I say content, I don’t just mean social media posts - that’s the last course in this series!) You’ll learn about all of the content types available to you, mostly free tools and how to use them to create content, and how to measure what your audience finds valuable so you can optimize. You’ll also learn the basics of video and blogging, two powerful types of content that can be split out into “microcontent” (You’ll also learn what microcontent is!). 

By the end of this 3 week course, you’ll have a solid foundation for how to plan ahead and create content that achieves your business goals.

Digital Marketing Certificate

This course is part two of three to earn a Digital Marketing Certificate through Hubspot

  • Part 1 : Website & SEO

  • Part 2 : Content Marketing

  • Part 3: Content Marketing

Self-Study Course

Take it at your own pace, watch videos and learn wherever you are!

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn to create a basic content framework that you can use to create content.

  • How to audit your existing content, identifying items you can use in the future as well as gaps in your content

  • Learn about blogging and videos, two very powerful tools that can be done by anyone!

  • How you can create a very simple content calendar so you aren’t trying to come up with social media posts last-minute.

  • How to use Google Analytics to see what types and forms of content your customers are interested in and engaged with so you can focus on what provides value to your customers.

Meet Your Instructor

Director of Degree Completion Programs; Assistant Professor of Marketing

Meg Hartman

Meg Hartman has 15 years of experience in social media, digital marketing, and website management, in both agency and client-side settings. She also recently launched AltBar, a non-alcoholic pop-up bar in Rochester NY in partnership with her husband, Bob. Meg is currently a full-time assistant professor of marketing at Roberts. In her teaching, she gives her students hands-on, applied learning opportunities to develop skills needed for the marketing industry today. She is also a member of the Visit Rochester Social Media Committee.

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