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As a subscriber, get access to over 18+ courses with more coming all the time! Whether you want to take a self-study course in your free time, attend a in-person event, or want to hop into a online course, your subscription will get you in! Save hundreds of dollars, and never miss out on a single event, workshop, or mini-class. Subscribe now for the best of the Community Institutes for one low price!


  • What is included in my subscription?

    You get access to all current and future courses, except for SHRM and CPA exam prep.

  • Can I stop at any time?

    Of course! Subscribing and stopping your subscription are easy.

  • Why would I sign up for a year?

    If you subscribe for one year at a time you get two months free!

  • As a subscriber, do I get full access to the courses, or is more like auditing classes?

    You get full access and as a subscriber, you can take and enroll in any class as identically to if you had bought the class separately.

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